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Welcome to Vitamed Online

Bringing you specialised healthcare products

Vitamed is a specialised healthcare supply business dedicated to bringing you the highest quality products.  All of the specialised products have been tried and tested by ourselves, friends and family.

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There is so much information out there telling you how to get your health back on track and what to do.  It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and helpless, not knowing what direction to go, wondering if the decision you have made is the best one or not.  Well we are here to help you in any way we can, providing as much researched information in one place as well as bringing you high quality products.  Hopefully this will help making any decision easier for you.

About Vitamed

Vitamed has done much of the hard work in as far as sourcing the best vitamins, minerals,supplements  and equipment and researching the top protocols for keeping healthy or regaining one’s health.

In-depth research over the years reveal a number of overlapping motivations people have for taking  vitamins and supplements overall, buying organic foods,and seeking organic vitamins and  supplements:

  • An objective to expose their children to the best nutrition possible to build the strongest minds and bodies
  • A goal of enhancing their health and wellness in a particular area, or to address a particular complaint organically
  • A desire for a longer life
  • Concerns about or aversion to synthetically created or processed food, and/or over-the-counter
  • A desire to tap into non-Western medicine or practices to compliment Western approaches and  traditional medicine

We at Vitamed, hope all the information we have gathered for you will benefit you on your journey to health and we hope we will earn your trust as a partner in taking control of your health and wellness goals.