Pet Relief


Pets Relief is recommended for the symptomatic relief from pain caused by:

  • Arthritis
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Inflammation
  • Sore and damaged joints
  • Muscle damage and pain
  • Cartilage damage and pain
  • Hair growth
  • Increased energy
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There is nothing more heartbreaking than watching your once full of energy fur baby battle to get on the couch as they grow older or from any past injuries. We as avid animal lovers have experienced this first hand and strove to find a way to help our beloved German Shephard that suffers from acute arthritis from an unusually young age. Astrid is our Phoenix Strength Pets ambassador and the face of Pets Relief because of the massive difference it has made to her quality of life.

DMSO for Pets

DMSO is an effective pain killer, blocking nerve conduction fibers that produce pain. It reduces inflammation and swelling by reducing inflammatory chemicals. It improves blood supply to an area of injury by dilating blood vessels and increasing delivery of oxygen and by reducing blood platelet stickiness. It stimulates healing, which is a key to its usefulness in any condition. It also has anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties.

DMSO is completely safe for pets to use and helps them with pain management and inflammation just as effectively as it does in humans. There are no negative side effects or conditions caused from the use of DMSO in animals, as proved in many studies done on DMSO and animals around the world. Though in extreme cases where pain is high and a strong dose needs to be given, your fur baby over time and continuous use, may develop a bit of the signature DMSO odor which you will be able to smell. This will disappear if you stop giving a dose to your fur baby. But, if Pets Relief helps your pet as it surely will, we recommend that you carry on with the recommended dose and just hold your breath when you go in for a snuggle. It will be worth it, we promise!

Pets Relief contains a high percentage of pure DMSO to be as effective and fast acting as possible, to get your pup or kitty bouncing off the furniture again. This product is safe to use in conjunction with other medication prescribed by your vet.

Available in 200ml bottles. Administration syringe included.


Sprinkle over pets food or directly into mouth for general health, maintenance and pain relief once a day.
Small dogs and cats – 0.25ml for mild pain once a day or 0.5ml twice a day for severe cases.
Medium dogs – 0.5ml for mild pain once a day or 1.5ml twice a day for severe cases.
Large Dogs – 1ml for mild pain relief once a day or 3ml twice a day for severe cases.

Changes in the ocular lens, resulting in altered refractive index and lenticular opacities, may occur in dogs and other species if extreme doses are administered. Frequent ophthalmologic examinations are recommended.  Consult your veterinarian. Do not use for more than 14 consecutive days without an intervals of 4-5 days. Do not use on pregnant animals. Due to the abundance of sulfur and is so readily absorbed into the body , DMSO can make the pet sweat an essence of garlic if used frequently.


Store product below 25°C away from sunlight.

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